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Medical Billing

Accutrans can provide solutions based on your specific needs.

SIMPLE:  You only pay a base percentage on the money you receive.

We are a provider of comprehensive medical billing services in North East Ohio.
By tracking your unpaid claims, you will know the status of each claim at all times. Filing claims electronically eliminates the time and cost of paper claims and virtually cuts payment time in half.

  • Certified Medical Coders review your services
  • Electronic claims filing resulting in 7-14 day turnaround
  • Monthly patient statements
  • Soft collections on patient balances
  • Compliant and current with regulatory changes and payer policies.
  • Account Follow-up and Collections

We maximize reimbursement for your medical claims in a compliant manner by constantly monitoring and applying the latest medical billing coding changes. We are specialists in ICD10 and CPT and HCPCs codes. We only use the latest medical billing HIPAA compliant software and keep updated on current practice trends and payer policy changes.

Our reports present a concise and accurate analysis of your entire practice. You can track reimbursement and income with ease, and have MORE control of your practice when you use Accutrans as your medical billing service. Our experienced, dedicated and certified medical coders will enhance your overall practice income.


We also provide you with access to all your data in real-time. You can also subscribe to your reports and have them delivered via email or fax!
Free online statement, appointment scheduling, file uploading and electronic daysheet submission.

Our collection team work all aged accounts diligently to generate the fastest, maximum payments on all of your claims. We research and appeal all of the denied, downcoded and reduced payment claims.

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