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Medical Billing

Accutrans can provide solutions based on your specific needs.

Quality medical billers for over 20 years, let out experience work for you.

We specialize in Internal Medicine Billing

You have a dedicated office partner.

We specialize in all aspects of internal medicine medical billing. Maximum reimbursement is our goal.
Our clients include individual physicians and physician groups in clinics, acute care and long term care facilities.

Accutrans: Fast, Thorough & Compliant Medical Billing Services.

Our internal medicine medical billing services include:
  • Patient demographies
  • Electronic and paper claim submissions
  • Posting payments
  • Patient statements
  • Insurance verifications and authorization
  • Following-up on claims

Our highly skilled medical billers can efficiently work with your clinics billing requirements and do the entire billing process fast and efficiently. We take special care and effort to solve the complications that may occur with any medical billing. We always have experienced staffs to analyze your accounts and to perform quality checking. Our policies are designed to meet the standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The following are the benefits you will achieve from our internal medicine medical billing outsourcing:

  • We can access billing information from your current medical billing software and convert it to work with our own software.
  • You have the option to send the details we need as scanned copies or through fax service in a secured manner.
  • We arrange meetings once a week to discuss about the progress of the work and generate reports on weekly or monthly basis.
  • We can process many claims within a single day (within 12 hours).
  • We do not charge any hidden or initial fees.

Our clients enjoy free access to their data via our practice portal website:

  • Patient Balances
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Insurance Information
  • Aging Reports
  • Place Of Service Statements

We can make any conversion to our system with ease. To learn more, contact us at (440) 352-4321.