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Medical Consulting

Accutrans can provide solutions based on your specific needs.

Professional Medical Management for over 20 years, let out experience work for you.

Optimize, prioritze Something else "I's"

Consulting Services

We are a provider of Physician Insurance Credentialing and Enrollment Services throughout the state of Ohio, along with our extensive medical coding, billing and administrative experience.
Accutrans provides clients with a comprehensive variety of services and a customized set of solutions all with the goal of helping our clients:

Maximize Reimbursement and maintain the most efficient, cost effective organization with:

Our Coding and Billing Services:

  • Compliant and always current with the latest regulatory changes
  • Technologically advanced coding and billing software
  • Speed and Accuracy, maximum allowable reimbursement in a minimum of time with payment in 30 days or less on most claims
  • Decades of dedicated coding and billing experience

Our Practice Management Services:

  • General practice management
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Services
  • Insurance Credentialing for Physicians
  • Insurance Credentialing for Specialists