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Medical Practice Management

Accutrans can help your operation run at top efficiency.

Professional Medical Management for over 20 years, let out experience work for you.


Growing and maintaining your practice through word-of-mouth can only go so far. We can help you with inexpensive and fresh ideas to help your practice grow, using both traditional and cutting-edge approaches.

Process Automation:

Accutrans can help provide your practice with affordable automation tools necessary to efficiently and effectively operate in today's complex health care delivery environment.
Simple charting, filing and electronic records management can make your practice run smoother.

Free analysis of your practice to best determine which tools are right for you.

We'll always recommend the right combination of affordable computer software and hardware tools to support your current needs, while ensuring an easy path for upgrades and expansion. Installation and training to follow up support, you can be sure that you will maximize the revenue potential of your practice.

Extended care for your practice and for your patients.

With more than 20 years experience with medical practices of all sizes, we have evaluated solutions in all price ranges, with a variety of capabilities - from simple to complex systems. We recommend, implement and use the two leading medical practice management tools available today for Electronic Medical Records and Medical Billing.

  • Improves overall patient experience
  • Save valuable space, reduce paper clutter.
  • Less paper with the lowest consumables possible.
  • Centralization of data, though easily portable and accessible.
  • Easier scheduling and accurate co-payment management.
  • Comprehensive documentation eliminates transcription fees.
  • Prescription information is easier to retrieve.